Monday, November 19, 2007

Bad, Bad Day

MY oldest son, Drew (11) was sick abut 2 weeks ago. Then about a week after him being sick, Christian gets sick he's 4 - fever, coughing, throwing up. Then about3-4 days ago, My lil Kaylin (2) gets sick. So far it's just coughing with her, but Christian is also still coughing and has a slight fever off and on. Well, I have been giving them cough syrup for it. Robitussin,Triaminic, Pediacare. I just went to the store like 4 days ago to get another bottle of cough medicine for them and after I gave them their mac n cheese for lunch today, I gave them a dose of cough syrup. well, I sat down at the table to read the paper while they ate their lunch and OMG!
An article stating that Cough/Cold Medicines were recalled because a 4 month old baby died. well, I read the active ingredient in the recalled ones......Dextromethorphan

Read the ones in the bottles I have been using and.........Dextromethorphan

I FLIPPED! I was able to buy this just 3 or 4 days ago and this stuff was supposed to be pulled from the shelf October 11. So I had to call the doctor - My kids had been taking these cough medicines for like 6 days. The baby that died had the cold for 4 days and was given the same medicine. The doctor said don't give them anymore (not that I would've anyway) and said to watch them and if they don't normal or if they look worse - RUSH them to the hospital. I am pissed! I intended on taking the article in and showing it to the pharmacy but I was in a rush to leave and I forgot it, but I will surely be there tomorrow. I just pray that my babies will be ok.

I will update tomorrow

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