Thursday, February 7, 2008

Layouts by Others from my kits

Layout by Dorian

Sorry this took me so long to post.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Thank you!!

I got so many great comments for kit/ color suggestions. I would like to try them all..I'm stumped on something. I'm not sure of designers pay for stock photos or clipart or what but how would I be able to use little fairies or trucks to make stickers? Anyone know?
you can email me at :

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Need your HELP!

I seem to be making the same oldstuff, same old colors...all the time. I am taking requests....If anyone has any kit ideas or color ideas, send them my way. You can comment this post or email me directly. I'm getting bored..haha And I will do my best!
Hope you all head a great weekend. It is FREEZING here. I hate it. And I just got a new soft, snuggly blanket and it is full of static and driving me nuts. I do have 3 kits I am working on but seem to be stuck on what else to make. In the meantime I will be making a big junk kit with all sorts of elements, bgs, etc.
Hmmm...maybe a grab bag.

well, off to photoshop until I get tired.

Glitter Freebie

100% made by ME
Download Here
please comment if you download otherwise...get off my blog


please comment if you dl
download here

RE: Commercial Use

WOW! I got quite a few emails this morning on the commercial use post asking me about who's products I like to use since the restrictions are pretty reasonable. My favorites are:
Ina's Scrapart for
Terry Maruca
Faith True
Christine Nash
Kara Perrien
Natalie Bird

I still have a few to look through but those are my favorite. I have fun using their products to create freebies for you.
Hope that helps some of you.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Potty Layout

My baby girl.

Commercial use products........

I have wasted so much money buying commercial-use products only to find out after the fact that I cannot use them for what I intended to use them for. I got a pretty $%^#$% email this week from someone named Stacy ( an owner of a digiscrap store) telling me to remove files immediately from my blog, telling a designer that I violated tou, etc. I was tempted to reply because I was so mad. The email was very rude.And I did not remove the files for HER! I did talk to the designer and it was taken care of without her interfering.
Then, I did however create a freebie and did not credit the person who originally created it and was contacted by her and she was respectful and kindly asked that I give her credit. (which I did).
I have no intentions on ever violating a tou or not giving credit for someone elses "help" in creating the final product. I do have a problem with tattle-tails and people being rude to me when they have NO right. I spend a lot of time creating freebies and I don't make any money from them and do it because some are not able to make their own and I also enjoy making stuff. So...I spent all this money in the past 2 years on commercial use items and there are so many resrictions that I will never be able to use them like I wanted to.
Most of them let you make kits, but no element packs. And they have to be significantly altered. So I cannot colorize them and add a few overlays and then share it with you even though I did purchase it. How in God's name can you significantly modify a button and it still be a button?
Please tell me.
Anyway...I just needed to vent about this. There are some who have reasonable TOU and I will continue to buy their items when I am able to but some of them ( I will refrain from putting the names here) are so outrageous with the tou that it takes the fun out of it.
Hope you all have a great weekend.

Clarity Kit Freebie

Thanks to my bff for naming this kit for me.
You can visit her site here

Monday, January 14, 2008

Please read if you downloaded the cardboard frame

The file/ tou has been updated so the proper credit can be given. Please re-download the file.