Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Freebie Time

I'm sorry. I meant to post yesterday but I was soooo busy. I had to do some last minute shopping and I didn't get home 'til late. The kids had so much fon Trick-or-Treating. Although, Kalin's little shoes kept falling off, her gloves were way too big and I carried her the whole time because of her shoes. Drew was first in line at every and CJ just wanted to drive everyones cars.haha...He loves vehicles. Any kind. And if someone visits, he has to see their car, and he will never forget the car you came in and when someone visits in a different car, he asks them where the (ie.) red car is....He's soooo funny. I will either do a layout or post some pic you all had a safe and Happy Halloween!!

And here's the freebie.....An assortment of little journaling notes. Enjoy! The last 2 kits...only kits I have shared/made.....Come on....I have over 70 downloads and like 12 comments. Are you serious? That's rude. Now I see why people stop sharing freebies or make others send a please/ thank you comment first....Please send a comment....It would be nice. To those that do...and have....Thank you soooo much! It does mean a lot and and I read eaach and every one...not that 12 is a get my point..LOL

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cindyrelly said...

hmmm...these are very nice but for some reason the ribbon/fibers are cut off? Thank You ;)